Dial button

  • Rotating the dial button clockvise to turn WAKEit S On. Counter clockvise to turn Off.
  • When WAKEit S S is turned on, rotate the dial button to adjust the volume.


  • Press the MODE button to switch between the two functions: FM and Bluetooth.
  • Press and hold MODE button to enter Standby mode (turns of any radio or music playing).


  • Press the LIGHT button to adjust the screen brightness.
  • Press and hold LIGHT button to turn the wakeup light (8) on/off.


  • In FM mode, press the PRESET button to access the preset list.
  • The PRESET button only work when the WAKEit S is in FM mode.
  • WAKEit S allows you to store 32 of your favorite FM stations as presets.
    • Select your desired radio station.
    • Press the PRESET button to open the empty list from 1-32 and choose any empty position.
    • Press and hold the ENTER button until the LCD display “stored” in your desired position.
      To listen to your favorite stored station:
    • Press the PRESET button
    • Select the preset station that you have stored.
    • When the display shows your desired preset number.
    • Press the ENTER button to confirm.

      If you select a preset which have not been allocated a station, then “Empty” will be displayed.


  • In FM mode, press the AUTO SCAN button to automaticly scan for stations.


  • Press the MENU button to access the settings of WAKEit S
  • Press the MENU button to enter settings on WAKEit S. Under settings you can find the following
    menu points:
    • Time/date:
      Here you can set the time and date for the WAKEit S.
    • SW version:
      Shows the current software version installed on your WAKEit.
    • Factory reset:
      Here you can reset your WAKEit to its factory settings. If you experience any problems with the
      product, this is a good place to start.
    • Display light / Backlight:
      Sets the brightness of the display.
    • Sleep: (Can only be found while you are playing radio)
      When sleep is activated, the radio will stop playing automatically after the desired amount of time.

Wireless charging pad

  • On top of the WAKEit S you will find the wireless charger (marked by the X).
  • When the WAKEit S is turned on, place a device that supports wireless charging on the charging
    pad. The device will start charging automatically.

    Wireless charging can interfere with radio signals. It is therefore not recommended to charge any
    device while in FM mode. Be aware of this if you wish to use the radio channels as an alarm while
    you are charging your phone.

Wake-up light

  • On the back of WAKEit you will find the wake-up light.
  • When activated, the wake-up light will begin before your alarm and emulate the sun coming up.
  • The wake-up light can also be used as a night lamp, turning it on/off with the LIGHT button.


  • Press the ALARM button to set an alarm. You can set up to 2 alarms at the same time.
  • When an alarm plays, press the ALARM button to stop it. (All other buttons snooze the alarm for
    5 minutes)
  • Setting the alarm
    • Press the ALARM button to enter the alarm menu.
    • You can have up to two alarms set at a time. Start by selecting which alarm you want to set and
      press the ENTER button to confirm.
    • The selected alarm can be turned on/off. If you want to set an alarm, you must put the alarm in
      ”On” and press ENTER to confirm.
    • Now, select the time for the alarm to go off. Confirm with ENTER.
    • You must now select the alarm sound. You can chose between 5 different sounds under ”Sounds”
      or use the FM radio as an alarm sound.
      NOTE: Radio channels need to be saved in PRESET to be used.

    • Select what days the alarm is on. You can choose between ”Daily”, ”Weekdays”, ”Weekends” or
      that it should only call ”Once”.
    • You can now select how many minutes before your alarm, the wake-up light will turn on. You can
      choose between 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes before, or choose not to activate the wake-up light at
      all by choosing ”Off”.
    • Your alarm is now set and a “Saved” message will be displayed.
      Now it´s time to go to sleep!

      If you make a mistake during the setup of your alarm, you can press the ALARM button to go back to the previous step.

  • How to turn off an alarm
    • Before the alarm goes off:
      Enter the alarm menu by pressing the ALARM button. Select which alarm you want to turn off.
      Set the alarm to ”Off” and press the ENTER button to confirm.
    • When the alarm goes off:
      • Press the ALARM button to disable the alarm.
      • Press any other button to Snooze the alarm for 5 minutes.

The Arrow Up & Down and The Play/Pause/ENTER buttons are used to control and navigate the WAKEit S:

Arrow Up & Down

  • In FM mode, press and hold to scan the band for the next station.
  • In Bluetooth mode, press to play previous or next track.
  • Under settings or alarm menu list, press to navigate or adjust settings.


  • In FM mode, press to mute the sound.
  • In Bluetooth mode, press to play or pause music.
  • Under the Menu or Alarm menu list, press to select & confirm.
  • During an incoming call (If connected to Bluetooth):
    Press to pick up the call
    Press and hold to refuse the call
    In a call press to hang up

Pairing a Bluetooth device to the WAKEit

  • Put the WAKEit S in Bluetooth mode.
  • If no device is connected, “Connecting” will show on the display. This means your WAKEit S is
    searching for Bluetooth devices.
  • Go to the Bluetooth settings of your phone/device and ensure Bluetooth is switched on.
  • Find “WAKEit S” in the Bluetooth device list and connect to it. WAKEit S will emit a sound as
    soon as it is paired and “Connected” will be displayed on the display.


    To cancel a pairing, hold down the ENTER button, WAKEit S will make a tone.
    To switch back to pairing mode, hold down the ENTER button until ”Pairing” appears on the display. You can now pair a new device.