When SACKit Touch 100 connected to your device, you can answer and take calls through the headphones wirelessly.

Functions Status of headphone Operation
Redial Last number Standby mode Short press X button twice quickly
Volume up Conversation mode Short press Volume(+) button
Volume down Conversation mode Short press Volume(-) button
Answering calling Ringing Short press X button
End call Conversation mode Short press X button
Reject calling Ringing Press and hold X button for one
second until you hear indication
Transfer the calling between
headset and Bluetooth
Conversation mode Press and hold the X button
for 3 seconds can transfer the
conversation from headset to mobile
phone. Then press and hold the X
button for 3 seconds to transfer the
conversation back from mobile phone
to headphone.

Note: Not all the mobile phones support all the functions listed above. Please refer to the instruction of
your device. Some functions and indication tones may vary with depending on the device.