• Open the lamp by turning the handle clockwise until you can remove the handle from the lampshade
  • Then remove the battery pack from the lampshade. This is done by pushing the two clamps together and then the battery pack can be pulled out
  • Now charge the battery pack with a USB-C cable in the socket or wirelessly by placing the flat side down against the wireless charger
  • The LED on the battery pack will indicate charging with a red light, which changes to green when the battery is fully charged
  • The battery pack on 5.200 mAh will fully charge in 6 hours, while 3-5 hours is enough the first time
  • The battery pack can now be placed in the lampshade and the handle can subsequently be screwed on

NOTE: Choosing the correct USB adaptor is very important for your sa- fety and the function of      the battery pack. As a minimum, you need to use a USB adapter with the following output: 5V / 2A. For wireless charging, you will need a 10W wireless charger that fits it.

Never charge the battery pack in or near water!