Safety information

• Use only lamp oil or citronella oil.
• Never use gasoline, kerosene, or other flammable fuels.
• Keep away from children and pets.
• WARNING: In the case of small children, just a sip of lamp oil – or even
sucking the wick – may lead to life-threatening lung damage.
• WARNING: If lamp oil is swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Seek medical
advice immediately or contact a poison information center and show these
• WARNING: Keep this oil lamp out of the reach of children both in use and
when stored.
• Intended for OUTDOOR use only.
• Keep open flame away from flammable objects.
• Do not transport torch while it is lit or hot.


Filling torch

• Remove the lid and unscrew the wick holder from the torch by pushing
down and turning counterclockwise.
• Fill the torch with lamp oil using a funnel
• The maximum filling volume of the torch is 520ml
• Do not fill near naked flame.
• Be careful not to spill any oil if you do wipe off before lighting the torch.
• Make sure no water goes into fuel container.
• Make sure that the wick is between 3-5 mm above the wick holder.
• Replace the wick and wick holder into the torch by pushing downwards and
turning clockwise.
• Place the flame guard (snuffer cap) over wick holder when not in use.


Lighting the torch

• Allow 5-7 minutes for the wick to fully saturate with oil before lighting.
• Remove the lid and light the wick with a long match or lighter.
• If the torch burns with an excessively large flame or excessive smoke,
extinguish the flame, and allow to cool before adjusting the wick.


Extinguishing the torch

• Place the snuffer cap or other suitable fire-resistant object completely over
the flame guard until the flame has been extinguished.
• Do not touch the snuffer cap until it has had time to completely cool as it
can become very hot when extinguishing flame.
• Wait for the torch to completely cool down before moving, refilling with oil,
or putting away.