Product description

The front of SACKit Boom 150

Volume/ON/OFF: Switch speaker on/off and control volume. Turning clockwise increases volume and
vice versa.
Bass dial: Controlling bass level. Recommended start setting is with indicator facing upwards.
Treble dial: Controlling treble level. Recommended start setting is with indicator facing upwards.
Bluetooth/AUX LED: Blue blinking = searching for Bluetooth unit. Blue constant light = connected to
Bluetooth unit. Green constant light = receiving line in signal through ‘Line in/out’.
Power LED: When charging:
• Constant red light = charging.
• No light = Unit turned on, unit turned off or no charging of batteries.
• Dimmed red light = Low power, please recharge.
Source button:
• Single press = Switch between ‘Line in’ and ‘Bluetooth‘ input. The speaker will always turn on at the
latest setting, and if it was Bluetooth, it will connect to the latest device.
• Double click = Disconnect connected device.
• Long press (3 seconds) = Connect to another SACKit Boom 150 in wireless stereo. If connected
already and you long press ‘Source’ you will disconnect the other SACKit Boom 150.

The back of SACKit Boom 150

Charging plug: Connector for charging your speaker. Always use the supplied charger.
Line in / out: Mini-jack connector. Use this dual function connector for:
• When in Bluetooth mode, use this to transfer the speakers signal to other units by cable.
• When in AUX mode, use this to receive signal from another unit.
Note: Can be used to connect two SACKit Boom 150 with a mini-jack connector.
USB-power outlet: Use this port for charging your phone or similar with the large internal battery.
Bass reflector port: Increase bass. Do not block or fill the port as this will impact the sound quality.