• Volume/ON dial: Switch speaker on/off and control volume. Turning clockwise increases volume and vice versa.
  • Bass dial for controlling bass level. Recommended start setting is with indicator facing upwards.
  • Treble dial for controlling treble level. Recommended start setting is with indicator facing upwards.
  • Bluetooth/AUX LED. Blue blinking = searching for Bluetooth unit. Blue constant light = connected to Bluetooth unit. Green constant light = receiving line in signal through ‘Line in/out’.
  • Power LED. When charging:
    • Constant red light = charging.
    • No light = Unit turned on, unit turned off or no charging of batteries.
    • Dimmed red light = Low power, please recharge.
  • Source button.
    • Single press = Switch between ‘Line in’ and ‘Bluetooth‘ input. The speaker will always turn on at the latest setting, and if it was Bluetooth, it will connect to the latest device.
    • Double click = Disconnect connected device.
    • Long press (3 seconds) = Connect to another BOOMit in wireless stereo. If connected already and you long press ‘Source’ you will disconnect the other BOOMit.



  • Charging plug: Connector for charging your speaker. Always use the supplied charger.
  • Lin in / out: Mini-jack connector. Use this dual function connector for:
  • When in Bluetooth mode, use this to transfer the speakers signal to other units by cable.
  • When in AUX mode, use this to receive signal from another unit.
  • Note: Can be used to connect two BOOMit with a mini-jack connector.
  • USB-power outlet. Use this port for charging your phone or similar with the large internal battery.
  • Bass reflector port for increase bass. Do not block or fill the port as this will impact the sound quality.