• Battery: Rechargeable Lithium battery, 2200 mAh, 11,1V
  • Charging: Please use the included adapter for charging the speaker using the DC IN input on the back of the SACKit Move 100/150 speaker.
  • Duration of charging: Please make sure that the battery is fully charged before the first use of the
    SACKit Move 100/150 speaker. Charging the battery fully takes approximately 4 hours. The “Power”
    button will light up red while the battery is charging.
  • Change between stationary use and portable use: Use the speaker either while connected to a power outlet or when playing from battery.
  • Low battery: When battery is low, the speaker will issue the warning sound “Low battery” and the
    “Power” button will flash red. You will hear the low battery warning when battery has 10% left.
  • The speaker will automatically turn off after 15 minutes, if the speaker is not used.