• WOOFit is turned on by sliding the
    power button to the right. When the
    light indicator alternately flashed blue
    and red, WOOFit is ready for pairing
    with desired device. Please notice that
    pairing mode automatically will voided
    after 5 minutes if not paired. If this
    happens, the WOOFit speaker will have
    to be restarted.
  • Perform the connection procedure
    on your Bluetooth device to find
    the WOOFit speaker. This system is
    indicated as ”WOOFit”.
    If ”WOOFit” does not appear on the
    list of found devices, the connection process must be started over.
    Note that the two units should be in one
    meter range of each other during the connection.
  • Choose the ”WOOFit” connection on
    your Bluetooth device.
  • When the connection is established
    the light indicator will flash slowly in
    the colour blue. Next time the WOOFit
    speaker get turned on, a connection
    will automatically be made with the last
    paired device.
  • Notice: If passcode* input is demanded
    on your Bluetooth device enter ”0000”.
    Passcode may also appear under the
    synonyms as; ” Passkey ”, ”Pin Number”
    or ”Password”

Phone call

If music is playing when in the Bluetooth
mode and you have an incoming call,
WOOFit will automatically switch to
hands-free mode. Press the Play/Pause
button to accept the call. To hang up
press the Play/Pause button again. Two
short pushes on the Play/Pause button
will make WOOFit redial.

AUX connection

Press one time on the Mode button
to choose ”AUX IN” mode. The Light
indicator will now light up green. To
adjust the sound level the volume
buttons -/+ has to be pressed and hold
down. You will not be able to use -/+
buttons for previous track or next track
when playing from this AUX mode. Use
the play/pause button to play or pause.

Mini jack input

This input lets you connect headphones
to WOOFit. When the headphones are
connected, the sound from the speaker
will stop and you can enjoy music from
your headphones only.

Micro USB input

This input is used for charging with the
included Micro USB charging cable. This
input can also be used for playing music
from your computer via jack input.
Use this input to read the content of
Micro SD card from your computer.

Micro SD player

This input enables the feature playing
your music directly from a Micro
SD card. Insert the Micro SD card
and WOOFit will automatically start
playing music from SD card no matter
what mode the speaker is in. The light
indicator will slowly flash green to
indicate the correct mode.
The sound level is adjusted by holding
down the volume buttons. One short press on the
volume buttons will work as
previous track/next track in this mode.

Home Systems

It is possible to connect WOOFit to a
home system. To do this, use a standard
stereo mini-jack (3.5 mm.).

Stereo pair

You can connect two WOOFit speakers
as a stereo pair. Make sure both
speakers are NOT connected to any
devices. Then hold down mode button
(M) on one of the speakers until they
connect to each other.
The speakers will remember stereo
parring even after they have been
turned off.

Light indicator

No light: WOOFit speaker is turned off or fully charged.
Green light: WOOFit is turned on.
Green flash slowly: Micro SD Player is active.
Red and blue flash: WOOFit is searching for Bluetooth device.
Red light: WOOFit is charging.
Green and blue flash: Connection between WOOFit
and Bluetooth device has failed.
Green and blue flash slowly: Music is playing from Bluetooth device.