Connection problems

WOOFit Bluetooth will lock on to the
last connected device, which
requires the connection to be
disconnected before a new unit to be
connected to WOOFit. This can be done
on the connected device (in Bluetooth
settings) or by resetting the speaker.
WOOFit speaker is reset by holding the
mode button down for 3 seconds and
disconnect the Bluetooth signal. The
speaker is now ready to connect with a
new Bluetooth device.

Audio quality problems

If the audio quality is poor, a reason
might be low battery level. Therefor
always try to fully charge WOOFit to
secure the absolutely best audio quality.


To prevent damage, fire or electric
shock, it is strictly forbidden to remove
or replace parts of the unit. Always
consult a professional workshop or a
qualified service center if the unit has
been damaged.

Safety Precautions

Please read and follow these instructions
to ensure correct and safe use of
WOOFit loudspeaker.

  • Charge WOOFit minimum of 2 hours
    using the supplied USB cable before you
    use the speaker for the first time.
  • Do not expose WOOFit to rain, water or
    store it in humid environments.
  • Do not place WOOFit in or near any sort
    of liquids.
  • Do not place WOOFit in or near sources
    of fire. (E.g.: Candles, fireplaces or other
    places with open fire.)
  • Avoid placing WOOFit on surfaces that
    are hot, dusty, or emit vibrations.
    WOOFit must only be placed on stable,
    flat and horizontal surfaces.
  • Do not place objects on top of WOOFit.
  • Do not use excessive force or violence
    when operating the speaker buttons.
  • Use and store only the USB cable
    properly and safely, both during and
    after use.
  • If cleaning of the speaker is needed, use
    only a dry, clean and soft cloth without
    corrosive solvents or detergents.