Battery information

  • Battery: rechargeable Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery, DC: 3.7V/590mAh for charging case, 2 x
    75mAh for earbuds
  • Power: USB DC5V, Please use the USB-C cable included with your ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250 earbuds for charging
  • Charging Time: For first time use please be sure the battery has been charged fully before use. It
    needs more than 2 hours of charging the first time, then 2 hours for recharging

Use ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250 earphones

  • For first use: Remove ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250 earbuds from the case. Both earbuds will blink white on the top edge LED
  • The left earbud will blink red/white, indicating ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250 is in pairing mode and the earbuds are connected via True Wireless Stereo
  • Switch on Bluetooth on your device
  • Choose “ROCKit L” / "SACKit Rock 250" under Bluetooth settings on your device. Your earbuds are now connected with your device
  • Start playing music on your device
  • ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250 automatically switches on/off when connected/disconnected to the charging case. Manually power on/off by holding down the earbud buttons for 10 seconds
  • ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250 will automatically pair with the last connected device.
  • To connect to a new device make sure that the previous connected device is disconnected
    otherwise connecting opportunity won’t appear on the new device.

How to pair ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250 earbuds with Bluetooth devices

  • Simply remove your ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250 earbuds from the charging case or long press the X button on your earbuds for 10 seconds. After the first 5 seconds, you will hear the ON sound. Keep pressing the button for another 5 seconds to turn on pairing mode, indicated by flashing red and white LED lights
  • Please keep the earbuds and Bluetooth device in range of 1 meter when pairing and make sure
    ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250 is turned on
  • Go into the Bluetooth settings on your device and search for new Bluetooth devices and select
    ROCKit L / SACKit Rock 250
  • The LED light will blink white once ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250 is successfully paired
  • Long press X button on the earbuds to turn off your ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250 earbuds
  • ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250 can remember 8 devices: You can pair 8 units with your ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250, at 9th unit ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250will forget the first connected

Operation instructions for use after first pairing

  • After first time pairing your ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250 earbuds and Bluetooth device will automatically reconnect
  • Turn the earbuds on by holding down the X button until you hear the ON sound or by removing
    the earbuds from the case
  • Long press X button to turn off