A video tutorial of how to reset your ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250 earbuds can be found at SACKit’s YouTube channel:

  • Before you reset make your device forget ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250 in Bluetooth settings on your device
  • Turn Bluetooth OFF before resetting ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250
  • Place both earbuds in the charging case
  • Take both earbuds out of the charging case
  • Follow bellow steps one earbud at a time

  • Click and hold
    for 5 sec. until
    earbud flash red
    and turns off.
  • Click and hold for
    5 sec. until earbud
    flashes red and
    white continuously.
  • Click 5 times quickly. When
    you see a red flash, the
    earbud has been reset. This
    might require several attempts.
  • When both earbuds are reset, put them back into the charging case and wait 10 sec. before taking both earbuds up at the same time. The earbuds they will automatically pair with each other.

It did not work? Okay, first and foremost: Do Not Panic! Your ROCKit / SACKit Rock 250 will work just fine if you follow these steps:

  • Has the LED on the earbud turned red? If the LED has not turned red the earbuds have not been
    reset correctly. It is essential that the 5 taps happens quickly, this may take a few tries.
  • If the LED tuned red, it worked! Your earbuds have been reset. You now have to put them back
    into the charging case for 10 seconds before they are ready to reconnect.