1. Double doughnut design

  • The double doughnut ear cushions ensure both comfort and sound quality by directing sound at
    you and encapsulates the whole sound without being uncomfortable to wear for a longer time.

2. Active Noise Cancelation (ANC)

  • Press the Active noise cancellation button to activate ANC
  • With ANC activated you can minimize background noise to further enjoy your music

3. 3.5mm AUX

  • 3.5 mm AUX jack connection to connect the headset to a device without Bluetooth
  • In-line use is possible when the battery is empty

4. Headband

  • Adjustable headband to ensure a comfortable fit for everyone

5. Volume up/down

  • Volume buttons used to adjust the volume of TOUCHit S / SACKit Touch 150
  • Also used to skip to next or previous song

6. X Button

  • Master function button
  • Used to power TOUCHit S / SACKit Touch 150 on and off
  • Plays and pause music when the headset is in Bluetooth mode
  • Accepts and rejects incoming calls

7. Power indicator

  • Indicates when TOUCHit S / SACKit Touch 150 is turned on and off
  • Flashes when TOCHit is in Bluetooth pairing mode

8. Charging port

  • Charging port for the included USB charging cable