Here follows a description of all buttons and features.

1. Dial button

  • Rotating the dial button clockwise to turn WAKEit On. Counterclockwise to turn it Off.
  • The dial button also controls the volume. Turn the dial button clockwise to turn the volume up, counterclockwise to turn it down.


  • Press the MODE button to switch between the three functions: DAB+ radio, FM-radio, or Bluetooth .
  • Press and hold the MODE button to turn off the radio or Bluetooth.


  • Press the LIGHT button to adjust the screen brightness.
  • Press and hold LIGHT button to turn the wakeup light on the back on/off.



  • When WAKEit is in DAB+ or FM-mode, press the PRESET button to access the preset stations list .
  • The PRESET button only work when the WAKEit is in DAB+ or FM mode.
  • We go through the steps of storing radio channels on page 8 .


  • When WAKEit is in DAB+ or FM-mode, you can start a scan for available stations by pressing the AUTO SCAN button.


  • Press the MENU button to access the settings of WAKEit
  • Settings are explained on page 9.

    7. Wireless charging pad

    • On top of the WAKEit you will find the wireless charger (marked by the X).
    • When the WAKEit is turned on, place a device that supports wireless charging on the charging pad. The device will start charging automatically.



    Wireless charging can interfere with radio signals. It is therefore not recommended to charge any device while in the DAB+ or FM mode. Be aware of this if you wish to use the radio channels as an alarm while you are charging your phone.

    8. Wake-up light

    • On the back of WAKEit you will find the wake-up light.
    • When activated, the wake-up light will begin before your alarm and emulate the sun coming up.
    • The wake-up light can also be used as a night lamp, turning it on/off with the LIGHT button.

    9. ALARM

    • Press the ALARM button to set an alarm. You can have up to 2 alarms set at the same time.
    • When an alarm goes off, press the ALARM button to stop it.

    (All other buttons snooze the alarm for 5 minutes)

    • On page 8 you can see how you set an alarm .

    The Arrow Up & Down and The Play/Pause/ENTER buttons are used to control and navigate the WAKEit:


    10 & 12. Arrow Up & Down

    • In DAB+ mode: Press up and down on the arrow buttons to select stations.
    • In FM mode: Press and hold one of the arrow buttons to scan the band for the next station.
    • In Bluetooth mode: Press the arrow buttons to play previous or next track.
    • Under settings or alarm menu list: Press the buttons to navigate or adjust settings.

    11. Play/Pause/ENTER

    • In DAB+ and FM mode: Press the ENTER button to mute the sound.
    • In Bluetooth mode: Press the ENTER button to pause or play music.
    • Under the Menu or Alarm menu list: Press this button to select & confirm.
    • During an incoming call (Only if WAKEit is connected to Bluetooth):

    Press the ENTER button to pick up the call. Press and hold the button to refuse the call.

    During a call press the ENTER button to finish the call.