• For first use: remove ROCKit S / SACKit Rock 100 earbuds from the case. Both earbuds will flash white on the top edge LED
  • The left earbud will blink white, indicating ROCKit S / SACKit Rock 100 is in pairing mode and the earbuds are connected via True Wireless Stereo
  • Switch on Bluetooth on your device
  • Choose "ROCKit S" / "SACKit Rock 100” under Bluetooth settings on your device. Your earbuds are now connected with your device
  • Start playing music on your device
  • ROCKit S / SACKit Rock 100 automatically switches on/off when connected/disconnected to the charging case. Manually power on/off by holding down the earbud buttons for 10 seconds
  • ROCKit S / SACKit Rock 100 will automatically pair with the last connected device.

To connect to a new device make sure that the previous connected device is disconnected otherwise
connecting opportunity won’t appear on the new device.